Lack of economical empowerment among local women is one of the key factors why post disaster rural communities remain stagnant in their growth and progress.

Lets look at example of Haiti where after 2010 earthquake 202000 people died. 13.5 Billion of relief effort was delivered. and that community remains in dire situation. Nepal after april 2015 earthquake which cost 9,000 deaths and receiving 4.2 billion dollars relief funds is still not able to make any progress.

A family look out from behind the tarp that serves as the front door to their home. The structure was built five years ago over the land where their home stood before the 2010 earthquake.

Our mission is to create econmical empowerment among lcoal women through vocational training and small business setup.

Helping with community building through mutual networking and development of a community fund for healthcare and educational needs.